Fly Stick

  • Attracts and traps flying insects
  • Just add honey or syrup
  • Once they land they never leave
  • For indoor and outdoor use, anywhere flying insects are a nuisance, porch/patio, garden, picnic areas, garbage cans, inside barns, kennels & stables
1. Slowly remove and lift product straight up from the carton.
2. Handle product by top and bottom plastic inserts. DO NOT touch sticky-coated cylinder.
3. Hang using attached plastic hook.


  • For best results, hang vertically with all sides of the stick exposed, near the center of the area where you wish to control flying insect problems. Add 1 tsp of honey or syrup to the bottom plastic cup.
  • Replace every three months or when stick is full of flying insects.


When stick is full of insects, remove and wrap in newspaper and dispose of in trash.
In case of contact with sticky material, wash hands with soap and water.
NOTICE: To the extent consistent with applicable law, buyer assumes all responsibility for safety and use not in accordance with directions.

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