An effective flea & tick control program includes simultaneous, coordinated treatment of the HOME, YARD & PET. Treatment and prevention go hand in hand, so it’s key to treat all three areas. This integrated pest management approach involves inspection, cleaning and targeting eggs, larvae and adults with the appropriate insecticides. Follow-up treatments are almost always necessary as flea & tick problems will not be solved with just a one-treatment approach.

Keep pets, pet bedding and sleeping quarters treated to prevent outside re-infestations. Indoors, vacuuming cracks along floors, carpets and upholstered furniture will help eliminate fleas, flea eggs and larvae. Be sure to dispose of the vacuum bag after vacuuming. A pet store or veterinarian can provide products for use on pets that are very effective in providing long-term flea control.

When outdoors and flea activity is high, wear long sleeve shirts and pants, use personal repellents to repel fleas.

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