Yellow Jacket

Yellow Jackets

A yellow jacket is a wasp, but not all wasps are yellow jackets.

Many species of yellow jackets build their nests in the ground, rodent holes, tree stumps, and occasionally in wall voids of buildings. Always read and follow label directions. Stand at least 8-10 feet from the nest and direct the spray into the opening of the nest. Never attempt to spray individual yellow jackets, especially when in flight. After treatment, leave the area and do not disturb the nest for at least 24 to 48 hours and if no activity is observed, then the nest may be safely removed.

Most species of yellow jackets are very attracted to meat products, and they can be very annoying in picnic and barbeque areas as well as garbage cans and dumpsters. They are also attracted to sugar-based products, especially fruit and soft drinks. Keeping garbage cans sealed and removing food sources will help reduce yellow jacket populations.

Yellow jackets can sting. Be very careful when using traps and other insect control products.

If the nest is located in an area too difficult for you to treat, call a professional pest control company or the municipal public health department for assistance.

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